About Us

About Us


T3 Gear- Trident Tactical/Technical is a singularly unique manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality tactical and technical equipment. Our headquarters and first retail location opened August 2010 on Trident Way on the Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Coronado. Our unique presence on NAB puts us right next to the West Coast SEAL Teams and the training program for all new SEALs: the famous Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training.

There is no other commercial location anywhere like ours. Through our proximity and access to the U.S. Special Operations Command Unit, T3 is aware of the SEAL’s latest tactics, techniques, procedures and requirements. The unique knowledge base of T3 – driven by this contact – isn’t possessed by anyone else in the tactical equipment or high-end outdoor product industries. 



T3 embraces the U.S. Navy SEAL (Sea Air Land) Team lifestyle. Former Navy SEAL owned and operated, T3 has a great deal of reputational capital in the SEAL Teams, and we would never compromise our standing with friends still serving. We stand for honesty and authenticity in a landscape populated by pretenders: those who were not well regarded as operators; those who served but were not in an operator position; or our personal favorite, those who never served and are now “experts” on military and tactical gear.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Teams are the finest warriors on the planet, and the process to become a SEAL is the world’s toughest military training. As a result, SEALs are the most discerning customers of tactical and outdoor equipment. Due to the intense nature of SEAL operations in the most extreme and destructive salt water environment, items that might be considered as durables by other high end consumers are consumables in the SEAL Teams. If a piece of equipment meets the standards of a SEAL operator, it will certainly meet the standards of others. As SEALs are among the most competitive people around, you can find a SEAL expert in most any military or outdoor activity. This unrivaled community of specialists uniquely positions T3 to provide superior solutions. SEALs are trend setters in any number of areas both inside and outside the military, and their gear is often by coveted by others.

Not only does T3 know which products meet the SEAL Team standard, we are highly involved with research, development, testing, evaluation and marketing of new equipment. T3 ensures the Teams are as best equipped as possible to the greatest extent possible in our own branded Made in the USA tactical load carriage equipment. Currently, we have close to 200 products that meet these standards.