Collection: Laser Cut Pouches



Founded and operated by a former Novy SEAL, T3 Gear has a great deal of reputational capital in the Teams, and we would never compromise our standing with friends still serving. We stand for honesty and authenticity.


The US. Novy SEALs are the most discerning customers of tactical and outdoor equipment. Due to the intense nature of SEAL operations, in the most extreme and destructive saltwater environment, items that might be considered as durables by other high-end consumers are consumables in the SEAL Teams. If a piece of equipment meets the standards of a SEAL operator, it will certainly meet yours.


While staying true to our SEAL Team roots, over the last decade, T3 Gear has worked with an array of Milnory Units and Law Enforcement Deportments to design and create the best gear available. We are constantly upgrading and expanding offerings based on customer feedback and strive to exceed industry standards in all creas of operation.